Satpal Roth-Sharma secures acquittal of man charged with historic rape and robbery

January 17, 2023

Defending at Leeds Crown Court, Satpal Roth-Sharma from Exchange Chambers has successfully secured the acquittal of a man charged with a a serious knife point rape and robbery dating back to 2003.

The complainant came to court and gave live evidence years later after the alleged incident. The attack allegedly took place at knife point behind a derelict building in the city of Bradford’s red light district. The complainant was a sex worker at the time.

The complainant maintained the defendant raped her and robbed any money she had on her person. DNA evidence linked the defendant to the complainant, which she had retained and handed to the police when she made the complaint 2 decades ago.

The defendant maintained his innocence and confirmed that the act was always consensual in exchange for money.  He was acquitted unanimously.

Satpal was instructed by Nafeesa Khaliq of Kings Solicitors.