Richard Littler secures Not Guilty verdict in Manslaughter trial

July 7, 2017

Richard Littler from Exchange Chambers has secured a not guilty verdict for his client after a 7-day manslaughter trial at Manchester Crown Court.

Jimmy Feeney, 65, suffered fatal heart failure after his son Mark Feeney was punched by pubgoer Anthony Reilly, 54, during a party at the Reed Hotel in Rochdale last May.

Jimmy Feeney, the father, used force against Anthony Reilly after witnessing the assault to his son and Reilly responded with an alleged assault upon him also (unlawful act).

Representing Mr Reilly, Richard Littler raised self-defence and the absence of a causal link between the unlawful act and the death.  The court heard how Mr James Feeney had an underlying heart condition which meant it was impossible to attribute the unlawful act as being the stress contributor triggering the heart failure as opposed to other innocent earlier stress contributors.

Mr Reilly, of Prince Street, Rochdale, was cleared of manslaughter and common assault upon James Feeney by majority verdict after jurors deliberated for over five hours.  He had previously admitted assaulting Mark Feeney.

Richard Littler was instructed by Kerry Morgan at MBC Solicitors.