Property Newsletter – February 2018

February 15, 2018

In the February 2018 edition of the property newsletter:

Are the Courts finally going to say goodbye to boundary disputes?
Bill Hanbury considers the potential implications of the Property Boundaries (Resolution of Disputes) Bill and the new Boundary Disputes Protocol.

Chattels, Fixtures and 300 Years of Case Law.
Andrew Williams considers what is to become of a tenant’s chattels when a lease comes to an end.

Fibreglass Sharks, Common Sense and Planning Permission.
Peter Dixon reflects on the issues in the Headington Shark planning appeal in contrast with those in the more recent case of the so-called ‘stripey house’.

Conveyancing Fraud – Who Ought to Pay?
Featured as a paper in our last property seminar, Neil Cadwallader considers the thorny topic of property fraud.

A compilation of recently decided property cases.
Put together by David Williams.

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