Private FDRs

April 1, 2020

On 19th March 2020 the President of the Family Division issued his National Guidance for the Family Court that set out the default position that family hearings should be undertaken remotely and referred to the Financial Remedies Court Guidance of Mostyn J on 17th March 2020:

“Parties should be encouraged to have their FDRs done privately. Such private FDRs should routinely be done remotely.”

Exchange Chambers has a number of qualified practitioners who are able to conduct Private FDRs:

Judith Fordham

Judith Fordham, head of our Family team at Exchange Chambers, is able to conduct private FDRs.

With extensive experience sitting as a Deputy District Judge, Judith is also ticketed to undertake both standard track and complexity track work in the Financial Remedy Court Pilot Scheme in Manchester and Liverpool.

Collaborative Counsel: A trained Collaborative Counsel, she is regularly instructed by both parties to advise and reach fair terms.

Arbitration: She is also an accredited family arbitrator with IFLA.

Judith practises exclusively in financial remedy work. She is a highly sought after negotiator and is known for her fair approach to achieve settlement where possible.

Sheren Guirguis

Sheren Guirguis is a highly experienced family law barrister, specialising in both family finance and children work.

Appointed as a Deputy District Judge in March 2019 and approved to undertake work in the Financial Remedy Court Pilot Scheme, including complex work, Sheren has the vital experience and knowledge required to act as a private FDR judge.

Paul Johnson

Paul is one of the leading mediators in the UK. He is a former solicitor/partner (1990 to 2006) who transferred to the Bar in 2006 to focus solely on mediating disputes.

His broad mediation experience lends itself very effectively to private FDRs where he is able to mediate the financial aspects.


We are able to make all the appropriate arrangements in order to seamlessly coordinate and conduct such hearings using the various systems that we have in place.

For more information, please contact one of our family clerks.