Stephen McNally

Call 2003

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Steve practises in all areas of criminal law and appears on behalf of both the prosecution and defence. An accomplished Category 4 Prosecutor, his practice regularly encompasses cases involving serious violence, drugs offences, firearms, rape and sexual assaults. He is also experienced in cases of conspiracy to murder, manslaughter, large scale fraud and large scale drugs conspiracies which invariably involve multiple defendants.

Steve is a VHCC panel advocate and has conducted such cases (involving drugs conspiracies, firearms and complex fraud allegations) on behalf of both the prosecution and the defence. He has also been specialist disclosure counsel in a number of cases and has significant experience of dealing with complex disclosure issues, public interest immunity and sensitive material. In addition to being tactically astute and rigorous in his preparation, Steve is regarded as approachable, pragmatic and down-to-earth.

Criminal Cases


Operation Webber – prosecution in an 18 handed Class A drugs Conspiracy.

Operation Greengage – defending in a large-scale (over 20 defendants) conspiracy to import drugs and firearms (VHCC)

Operation Undercoat – prosecution in a 15-handed multi million pound drugs conspiracy.

R v T – defended in 4-handed Class A drugs conspiracy.

R v H – defended in a 10-handed Class A drugs conspiracy.


Operation Ninian – acted for prosecution in 4-handed attempted murder.

R v G – 2nd Junior in a conspiracy to murder, blackmail and threats to kill (prosecution).

R v H – 2nd Junior in an attempted murder and witness intimidation case (prosecution).

R v L – defence counsel in a double attempt murder involving complex and novel legal issues (automatism)


R v D – prosecuting counsel in possession of firearms case, mandatory minimum sentencing provisions applied.

R v D – defence counsel in possession of firearm case.


R v A & A – prosecuted 2 brothers for a ‘punishment’ knife attack on a 15 year old boy who had been selling drugs on their behalf.

R v A, C and D – prosecuted three defendants who falsely imprisoned, assaulted and shot with an air weapon a vulnerable victim.

R v B – prosecuted a section18 stabbing with complex hearsay issues. There were no prosecution witnesses and there was expert evidence that the Defendant had no recollection of the incident.

R v B (and others) – Defended the first Defendant on the Indictment in a 4-handed double s.18 alleging the use of weapons. A successful submission of ‘no-case to answer’ was made.


R v M– defended in a 4-handed “cash-in-transit” robbery.

R v H– represented an 18-year old defendant on an allegation of knife point robbery.

R v L – second defendant in a 3-handed robbery at a dwelling where an axe was produced.


Operation Enigma – prosecution junior in large scale money laundering conspiracy indictment (VHCC)

Operation Armadale – prosecution junior in complex investment fraud (VHCC)

R v B (and ors) – 4 handed money laundering conspiracy (prosecution)

R v Y – 2nd Junior in a 5-handed large scale vehicle VAT fraud (prosecution)

R v M – 3-handed identification fraud based on credit cards and mortgages (defence)

R v S – Large-scale (10 Defendants) cigarette tax evasion (defence)


R v DL – defence counsel in highly sensitive inter-family allegations between brother and sister both aged under 16.

R v PT – defence counsel where accusations of sexual assaults were made by members of his partner’s family.

R v Y – prosecution counsel in historic rape and sexual assaults by a father on his own daughter.

R v G – prosecution counsel in prosecution of male engaging in sexual acts (including intercourse) with underage girl.