Professional Negligence

Mike is an experienced specialist commercial and construction lawyer practising in all forms of contract-related work generally. Michael is experienced in a wide range of professional negligence matters in the context of the following professionals:

• Building and construction professionals
• Solicitors
• Accountant
• Financial Practitioners
• Insurance Brokers

Professional Negligence Cases

Building/Construction Negligence

• Successful prosecution on behalf of a local authority of a multi-million pounds professional negligence action against an architectural and civil engineering consultancy. The action involved individual consideration of more than 150 building and construction projects which had been undertaken by the said consultancy on the Local Authority’s behalf

• Action against an Architect arising out of defective building design

Solicitor Negligence 

Typical cases cover:

• failure to give correct advice

• failure to conduct litigation with the necessary skill and care

• failure to act promptly as required by the Limitation Act 1980

Accountant Negligence

A range of accountant negligence cases covering inter alia:

• defective advice as to the lawfulness of an off shore tax scheme

• negligent advice as to the bona fides of an investment scheme

• negligent advice as to investment potential

Insurance Broker Negligence 

More frequently arising cases are these:

• failure to effect insurance required by the Client

• failure to ensure disclosure of material facts

• failure to give required professional advice