Local Government and Social Housing

For many years, Adrian has undertaken criminal work originating from local authorities. His previous prosecution experience commends him to local authority lawyers and investigators bringing cases to the criminal courts and his experience of fraud, confiscation, copyright, trading standards, health & safety and food safety cases makes him counsel of choice by defence and prosecution alike.

Adrian has advised local authority inspectors in areas as diverse as care home fatalities, car-clocking, advance-fee fraud and confiscation proceedings. Successful prosecutions have followed. Significant defence cases have included bogus workmen, food safety, money-laundering arising from fraudulent trading, illegal money-lending and fraudulent mis-selling to vulnerable consumers.

With a reputation for hard work, thorough preparation and effective advocacy, Adrian is always in demand as an approachable criminal practitioner in chambers. He is strategically aware and has a clear, calm manner in what are often hugely complex cases. He effortlessly combines intellect with insight to bring rarely seen detail to his cases.

Local Government & Social Housing Cases

R v DJ & C Foods Limited – craft knife blade in ice-cream – Sheffield (2011)

R v P and others – mis-selling in Birmingham (2013)

R v Singh and others – car-clocking fraud in Manchester (2014)

R v IO Ltd (Stockport Magistrates’ Court prosecution) – fatal incident in a care home