Kirsty Robinson

Call 2003

Photo of Kirsty Robinson

Kirsty specialises in representing parents, children and intervenors in Public Law Proceedings. Kirsty also has extensive experience of representing children (pursuant to Rule 16.4 FPR 2010) in complex Private Law Proceedings.

In Public Law Proceedings Kirsty regularly deals with cases where there are complex and intractable issues including Inflicted Injury, Sexual Abuse and Physical and Emotional Harm. She has extensive experience in representing parents with very low IQ and fluctuating capacity, including representing parents who require the assistance of the Official Solicitor.

In Private Law proceedings Kirsty accepts instructions in relation to difficult disputes often including intended relocation of children both within the jurisdiction and internationally.

Kirsty is regularly instructed in cases involving:

  • Representation of parents with significant mental health problems;
  • Issues of domestic abuse: physical, sexual and coercive and controlling behaviour;
  • Neglect;
  • Sexual Abuse of children;
  • Allegations of Fabricated or Induced Illness;
  • Issues in relation to gender assignment of children
  • Representation of very young parents;
  • Representation of children of different ages and different needs within the same family;
  • Representation of children whose views differ from their Guardian and have capacity to instruct in their own right;
  • Parental alienation;
  • FGM and Forced Marriage.


  • Currently being led by Nicholas Stonar QC before Macdonald J- representing the mother in a case involving alleged smothering resulting in an acute incident akin to a near cot death. Involving complex and conflicting medical evidence. This instruction gave rise to a reported Case Management Decision (A local authority v W & Ors [2020] 4 W.L.R. 83, 2020 EWFC 40) in respect of an application by the father for Summary Dismissal of Findings.
  • Representation of a Polish father where an 8 month old baby had a skull fracture. Successfully resisted an application by the LA pursuant to the Hague Convention to return the child to the UK after an unlawful removal to Poland. The Local Authority subsequently withdrew its application for Care Orders after Kirsty’s cross examination of the Consultant Neuro-Radiologist.
  • Instructed to represent a Slovak father where a 7 month old presented with two subdural haematoma but interestingly no other injuries. Issues in relation to Article 15 Brussels ii revised, liaison with ICACU and an application by the Slovak Central Authority for Party Status.
  • Representation of a mother where an 11 day old twin had suffered a skull fracture. Resulted in findings of accidental injury and the child (and its siblings) returning to the care of the mother and father.
  • Representation of a child of Syrian refugees by her r.16.4 Guardian. Child is selectively mute; the mother is seeking to take the child to Lebanon to visit family members, who currently live in Syria.
  • Instructed to represent a mother with an IQ of 57 and a diagnosis of ASD. Composite Finding of Fact and Final hearing lasted 17 days dealing with allegations including arson and rape.
  • Instructed to represent parents in response to an FGM Protection Order Application. Successfully negotiated an agreement allowing the family to travel to Eritrea for a wedding whilst protecting the daughter against whom it was believed that FGM was to be performed.