Kerron Rohrer

Call 2005

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Personal Injury

Kerron practises exclusively in personal injury. He practises mainly in respect of claimants but also has a substantial practice representing defendants. More recently, he has represented various local authorities, carrying out drafting and advisory work as well as conducting trials in a wide array of cases, at both fast-track and multi-track level.

Kerron’s practice largely comprises claims with a value greater than £25,000, with a substantial proportion of those cases having values in excess of £100,000.

The vast majority of paperwork will be turned around within 7-14 days (2-3 days for the more straightforward advices/pleadings) but he is responsive to any request for faster or urgent turnaround.

He has extensive experience in the following areas of practice:

  • Advising across a range of liability and quantum issues in cases worth up to £3m.
  • Particular experience in chronic pain syndrome/CRPS/Fibromyalgia cases and the particular difficulties those cases involve;
  • Costs budgeting hearings;
  • Fatal accidents;
  • Drafting schedules of loss in multi-track cases;
  • Clinical negligence work

Kerron likes to meet the client wherever that is possible and as early as possible. He finds it improves greatly the assessment of a case’s merits and value, and puts the client at ease about the future progress of the case.

He ensures he is available to talk to instructing solicitors at any time on the telephone, and is happy to provide informal advice on cases regardless of whether he has been, or will be, instructed in the case. He considers that his primary role is to make his instructing solicitor’s life easier.

Personal Injury Cases

Mr C – Represented soldier injured on active duty. Complex shoulder injury. Significant issue over the extent of future lost earnings and labour market disadvantage in the light of Billett v MOD. Claim was settled at JSM for £545,000.

Mr F – Represented Claimant who had suffered a seemingly relatively innocuous injury at work, which developed into a chronic pain syndrome rendering him incapable of work. Significant medical causation issues. Settled at JSM for£260,000.

Mrs W – Claim involving serious Lisfranc foot fracture, which caused significant mobility problems and prevented the Claimant from continuing to work in a role which she had carried out for 30 years. Claim involved pension loss, share scheme losses, bonus scheme losses, and a significant argument about residual earning capacity. Claim settled at JSM for £245,000.

Mr H – Claim involving serious lower limb injuries which left the Claimant unable to continue in his previous profession. Claimant was self-employed as painter and decorator. Claim involved complex calculations of future self-employed losses (in various possible scenarios). Claim settled for £345,000.

Mr S – Ongoing claim involving man with spinal injury. Unable to continue working as a plasterer. Claim involves forensic accountancy evidence on both sides with arguments about proper basis for calculation of future loss of profit.