Huw Edwards

Call 2009

Photo of Huw Edwards


Huw’s practice involves the most serious criminal offences, and he is often instructed in large multi-handed cases. He was instructed as a junior taking part in the disclosure process of the Hillsborough investigation, and so is particularly able to deal with disclosure issues in large, paper heavy cases.

He is a Category 3 Prosecutor and is on the specialist panel for Rape and Serious Sexual Offences (RASSO).

Criminal Cases

R v MA – Junior for the defence in a murder trial, which included complex and contested pathological evidence.

R v JS – Leading counsel in a multi handed, multi million pound drug conspiracy. This case involved scrutiny of a vast amount of telephone data and cell site evidence.

Operation Warbird – Prosecuting junior in a first of its kind prosecution of immigration offences arising from sham colleges.

R v RS and RB – Prosecution counsel in a case involving serious injury caused to a baby by shaking, involving expert opinion from a consultant Paediatric Neurosurgeon, Consultant Radiologist and a Consultant Paediatrician about causation and timing of the injuries.

R v HJ – Defence Counsel in a Rochdale grooming case involving many defendants and spanning several months. The amount of material generated in this case was vast and required detailed analysis of unused material.

R v RG – Defence counsel in a trial involving three separate conspiracies, each mainly concerned with the theft, handling and onward sale of a huge amount of plant machinery and metal, totalling several million pounds in value.

Environment Agency -v- WSL – represented a company charged with a wide variety of environmental offences.