Gareth Roberts

Call 1999

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Gareth is an experienced advocate who specialises in both prosecution and defence work. He is a Grade 4 prosecutor and a member of the CPS rape and sexual offences panel and the specialist panel for serious crime; whilst as a defence advocate he has represented clients charged with everything from murder and rape to serious fraud and high-level drug offences.

Gareth is a well-regarded jury advocate who thrives in the charged atmosphere of the Crown Court; he has a reputation for excellent witness handling whilst his down to earth approach works well with juries and clients alike.

Having moved to Liverpool after 18 years in Chester, Gareth has already impressed a number of solicitors with his ability to make their clients feel at ease and the tenacious way in which he pursues their case.

Out of Court, Gareth is an award winning author and coaches Rugby Union at Wrexham RFC.


R v K – Case involving an allegation of serious sexual assault, rape and buggery of 4 children (and others). Involved very careful witness handling as some of the witnesses and compliants were residing abroad or deceased. The defendant was convicted.

R v C – Client was charged with conspiracy to wound with intent and claimed mistaken identity. It was alleged that he went round to the house of the victim together with another at the behest of a third party and chopped his arm off with a machete. The defendant was acquitted of everything.

R v E – The prosecution of a gang leader who was charged with rape, coercion and violent assault upon his 19 year old girlfriend. The case involved sensitive witness handling as some of the witnesses were terrified of giving evidence against the defendant. The case needed to be presented very carefully as there were numerous incidents of violence, rape and controlling behaviour that gave rise to the indictment. The defendant was convicted.

R v A – Murder which involved two alleged alcoholics, one of whom embarked upon a lengthy campaign of torture and coercion against the other, leading to his death. The defendant was convicted and sentenced.

R v T – Client was acquitted of Attempt Murder, but convicted of S.18 wounding. The case was based around CCTV footage which showed the client running with a machete towards another male, after a van in which he was a passenger had tried to run him over. Compliant male was unwilling to provide evidence in court, but the Crown applied for the evidence to be adduced as hearsay which prompted a voir dire, in which the judge ruled that the evidence could be heard.