Chris Stables

Call 1990

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Environmental Regulation

Chris is an established practitioner with over 25 years of practice. He has depth of experience in all aspects of criminal and regulatory law.

Chris has been appointed to the List of Specialist Regulatory Advocates (List ‘A’) – the list for counsel undertaking prosecution work for the Environment Agency and the Health and Safety Executive.

His regulatory practice spans all areas of environmental work (including environmental permitting cases, waste depositing and treatment cases, landfill and waste transfer station cases, pollution incidents, trans-frontier shipment cases, escapes to air and water cases).  In addition, Chris undertakes health and safely cases (including fatal accident and other health and safety breaches).

He is known for his meticulous preparation of cases, clear focus on the client’s cause, and his relaxed and approachable style. He works tirelessly for his clients, and leaves no stone unturned.