Chloe Fordham

Call 2005

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Chloe’s criminal practice focuses on organised crime and financial crime, areas in which female practitioners are traditionally under-represented.

She is experienced in dealing with all types of evidence that feature in organised crime cases – cell-site, telephone traffic, ANPR, surveillance, facial mapping, gait-analysis, expert vehicle comparison – and is able both to present such evidence in a compelling way when prosecuting and to exploit its limitations when defending.

She has also defended and prosecuted in a number of fraud and money-laundering trials including mortgage fraud and VAT fraud and is confident in dealing with large volumes of financial evidence. She has a scrupulous and organised approach to preparing such cases and is assiduous in preparing lay clients for giving evidence.

As a member of the Rape and Serious Sexual Offences panel for the CPS, Chloe is well-experienced in such cases and the need for their sensitive handling. She has conducted cases involving vulnerable complainants, including young complainants giving evidence under the section 28 procedure. She is also familiar with the sorts of complex disclosure issues that can arise in cases involving sexual allegations.

Criminal Cases

Notable cases include:

Fraud / Financial Crime

R v Rowe & others (Op Destin): Currently instructed to represent one of the key defendants in multi-million pound timeshare recovery fraud.

R v Ferguson & others: Successful defence of a multi-million pound VAT fraud concerning the sale of data leads. Required a detailed understanding of a complex commercial enterprise. Dealt with key aspects of the case such as the defendant’s evidence in chief and cross-examination of accountant (defence junior).

R v McLean & others and related trials (Op Villalot): Defendants charged with multiple offences of money laundering and mortgage fraud. Required meticulous examination of bank records and cross-examination of around fifteen witnesses called by one of the defendants (prosecution junior for main trial, sole prosecution counsel for a number of ‘spin-off’ mortgage fraud trials).

Organised Crime

R v Doyle (Op Fetend): Successful prosecution of shooting of a firearm at a residential premises (sole prosecution counsel).

R v Sharifat & others (Op Cosy):  Conspiracy to assist asylum seekers to enter the UK for gain and to launder the proceeds (sole defence counsel).

R v Kent & others (Op Leopard): High-profile conspiracy to murder trial alleged to be linked to ‘tit for tat’ shootings in connection with the murder of Paul Massey. Involved detailed scrutiny and analysis of telephone and cell-site material (defence junior).

R v Murray & others (Op Optica): Multi-handed conspiracy to possess a firearm with intent to endanger life (prosecution junior).

R v Holland & others (Op Uxbridge): Prosecution of five defendants for conspiracy to possess a firearm with intent to endanger life (prosecution junior).

R v Nawaz & others (Op Telegram): Nine defendants charged with conspiracy to supply class A and B drugs. One of the defendants (unsuccessfully) raised a defence of modern slavery which required a detailed analysis of the law in this area (Prosecution junior).

R v O’Regan & others (Op Cosmetic): Seven defendants charged with conspiracy to supply commercial amounts of cannabis, production of amphetamine and possession of a firearm. Also conducted the subsequent proceeds of crime hearings and applications for serious crime prevention orders (prosecution junion).

R v Brown & others and R v Pinnock (Op Image): Represented different defendants in two linked trials for conspiracy to murder in a gang-related incident. Involved complex questions in relation to the law on joint enterprise (defence junior).

R v Burke & others (Op Troop): Thirteen defendants prosecuted for a joint-enterprise gang-related murder (defence junior).

R v Motroc & others: Five defendants charged with offences in relation to the operation of a large network of brothels in East London. Offences included rape, human trafficking, controlling prostitution, blackmail and perverting the course of justice. Trial was further complicated by the international aspect of the offending and by the involvement of a corrupt police officer who was tried alongside the other defendants and was charged with offences including blackmail and misconduct in a public office (prosecution junior).

Hillsborough Investigation (Op Resolve): Instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service to advise on disclosure matters.