Charlotte Atherton

Call 2003

Photo of Charlotte Atherton

Environmental Regulation

Charlotte has experience in the prosecution and defence of environmental offences both in the Crown Court and in the Magistrates’ Court. She has been appointed to List B of the Specialist Regulatory Advocates in Health and Safety and Environmental Law.

She has represented the Environment Agency and defended local authority prosecutions. She also has experience of conducting contested appeals against the revocation of environmental permits and waste management licences before the Inspectorate.

Charlotte is always thorough in her preparation and is renowned for her ability to get to the crux of the issue in an expedient manner. She is able to bring together her legal expertise, much-praised client care skills and a robust approach to her cases that those who instruct her really value.

Environmental Regulation Cases

R v William O’Grady, W M O’Grady (Haulage & Plant Hire) Limited and Gwynedd Skip Hire Limited – preliminary hearing involving legal argument as to irregularity in committal proceedings and the use of expert evidence in the definition of ‘waste’.

West Lancashire Borough Council and Southport Waste Management Limited – contested trial involving technical legal issues which required lengthy skeleton arguments supplemented by oral argument surrounding definitions within the Environmental Protection Act 1990 and European Directives.

Combined appeals of J + T Gizzi (builders) Ltd and Mr John Gizzi – appeal against the revocation of a Waste Carrier Registration and Environmental Permit following convictions for environmental offences and breaches of the permit. The contested hearing was conducted before an Inspector and involved submissions on the appropriate use of regulatory tools by the Environment Agency including formal and informal procedures such as warning letters, site inspections, audits, enforcement notices and regulation 44 Court Orders, POCA and Environment Agency Guidance.

Manchester City Council v Worldwide Foods – defence of a food company against environmental offences relating to the proper storage and disposal of waste foodstuffs.