Alternative Dispute Resolution

Digby has been actively involved with alternative dispute resolution for 35 years, qualifying as a Chartered Arbitrator and having been on the list of Panel Arbitrators of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb) from 1999 until 2014. He is a past Chairman of the North West Branch but has now resigned from the CIArb, but remains on the list of Arbitrators at the LCIA (London Court of International Arbitration).

He has received appointments as Arbitrator from the CIArb, the Law Society, the LCIA, and by choice of the parties. Such appointments have covered a variety of disputes ranging from building and other contractual disputes to partnership disputes. The sums of money in issue have often been large.

Apart from acting as appointed Arbitrator, Digby also has a great deal of experience in representing parties at arbitrations and at mediations, and experience of successfully concluding a mediation as Mediator.