Alice Dobbie

Call 2007

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Civil Fraud

Alice is most commonly instructed by Defendants in complex cases where fraud is suspected. These range from uncrystallised concerns about exaggeration through to cases where fraud is explicitly pleaded in the defence and applications for committal are made. Her usual caseload has claims involving alleged holiday illness, staged accidents, phantom passengers, exaggeration, low velocity impact and committal applications.

She provides CPD training to major insurers and solicitors’ firms on how to manage suspected fraud from inception through to pleadings, applications, litigation tactics and trial. Where grounds for fraud allegations emerge late, she is often instructed to re-draft defences or to advise on the appropriate applications to make in response. Her extensive case experience includes instances where fraud allegations attached to solicitors and experts as well as claimants.

Civil Fraud Cases

JB v An Insurer (2020) Birmingham County Court: acted for Defendant in fraudulent PI claim. Even though the Claim was discontinued, the Defendant’s counterclaim for exemplary damages succeeded and the Defendant recovered its costs of the claim as well as the counterclaim.

N v A Borough Council (2019) Liverpool County Court: acted in case where a Claimant discontinued a claim following investigation into alleged exaggeration. Despite the discontinuance, a finding of fundamental dishonesty was later made.

Holiday Company v J, W, W and W (2018) High Court: Application for committal following fake holiday sickness claims. All four Defendants received prison sentences.

S v B (2018) Watford County Court: acted for Defendant. Allegation of fraud attaching to consultant orthopaedic spinal surgeon, which only crystallised following extensive and successful disclosure application; successful application to require surgeon’s attendance at trial for cross-examination.

B v M (2019) Birkenhead County Court: acted for Defendant. Claim dismissed by Judge following trial of low velocity impact issue; additional claims were discontinued as a result of the judgment.