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Practice Overview

Adam has been representing clients in criminal proceeding for over 15 years. During that period Adam has developed a wealth of trial experience in dealing with serious criminal matters including murder, large scale drugs conspiracies, serious violent crime and serious sexual assaults.

Adam is regularly led in high profile criminal cases, which often involve clients who are linked to serious organised crime. In the past year Adam has been led in 4 seprate murder trials.

Adam has also represented a number of clients working in the public sector who have been subject to serious criminal investigations for a range of allegations arising out of each client’s respective employment. This led to Adam defending before the GMC.

Moreover, he has corresponding experience in representing clients compelled to attend Inquest hearings before the Coroner’s Court as Interested Persons.

Adam having previously been a solicitor prides himself on being able to develop excellent client relationships.

Notable Cases

2022 R v ATR 

This was an allegation of assault sex by penetration by a taxi driver upon a passenger. The Defendant was unanimously acquitted by the jury after trial.

2022 R v R

This case involved an organised crime group that was involved in distribution of drugs and mobile phones into HMP Forest Bank. The value of the authorised items into prison were valued in the region of £200,000. Adam represented the main defendant before the court. The Defendant received a favourable sentence of 4 years 6 months.

2022- R v D

Adam represented a Defendant who was found in possession of a prohibited firearm. Adam successfully argued and persuaded the Judge to only impose the mandatory minimum sentence.

2021 -Operation Peron

This case was a multi handed gang related murder trial before Manchester Crown Court. Adam was led by Mark Rhind K.C and their Defendant was the only Defendant out of 8 not to be convicted of murder.

2021 -Operation Feline

This case involved a conspiracy to steal with a value of £195,000. Adam represented the main Defendant. Adam was able to negotiate a favourable basis of plea with the prosecution and successfully argued that the Defendant should be sentenced to a suspended sentence order.

2021- R v S & others

Adam was led by king’s counsel for the 1st Defendant in a multi-handed murder before Liverpool Crown Court.

2021- Operation Ischia

Adam represented a Defendant who was charged with violent disorder in relation to international football hooliganism. The Defendant appeared with 14 other Defendants from Germany. Adam took the lead in persuading the court to impose a suspended sentence order.

2019 R v G

Adam successfully appealed against the Defendant’s sentence for a serious sexual assault. The Defendant was sentenced to 4 years but this sentenced was reduced by the Court of Appeal to 2 years 8 months.

2019 R v A

Adam represented the Defendant at trial for a sexual assault against a 12-year-old complainant. The Defendant was unanimously acquitted by the jury.

2018 Operation Reynard

This was a Vietnamese Organised Crime Group involved in the vast production of cannabis throughout the North West.  Adam represented one of the main conspirators.  Adam at sentence successfully argued that her role within the conspiracy was not as involved as the prosecution contended and as such, she received a much lower sentence.

2018 Operation Magician

This was a large-scale police investigation into a Romanian Organised Crime Group who were involved in the trafficking of sex workers into the UK.  The Defendant was prosecuted under the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and received the lowest sentence (14 months) of any Defendant.

2018 Operation Tropical

The case involved a 1KG supply of cocaine between Manchester and Scotland.  Adam represented the courier who received the lowest sentence (3 years) of any Defendant.

2017 Operation Goodison

The case was an 8 defendant, credit card fraud which involved the use of cloned credit cards throughout the United Kingdom and internationally.  The case ran for 6 weeks before Preston Crown Court and Adam’s client was acquitted.

2017 Operation Speedway

The case involved 17 Defendants who committed armed robberies of cash security vans and then laundered money.  Adam’s client received a favourable sentence.

2017 NMC v L

The registrant was charged with numerous offences before the NMC in respect of systematic failures that resulted in baby deaths at a Guernsey hospital. No impairment was found by the NMC.

2017 GMC v H

Adam represented a surgeon before the GMC who had been convicted of fraud offences.  Adam persuaded the regulator to dispose of the case by consent, imposing conditions on his practice.

2016 Operation Tidsdal

The case was a 24 handed conspiracy to produce and supply class B drugs, worth several million pounds.  Adam’s client received a suspended sentence order.

2015 Operation Tudar

Acting for the Defence in a £140,000 VAT fraud trial. The defendant entered a guilty plea and received a suspended sentence.

2015 Operation Ingot

Acting for the one of 24 Defendants prosecuted for dishonesty offences regarding stolen property valued in excess of £100,000. The case against Adam’s client was ultimately discontinued.

2015 R v B

This case concerned a multi-handed £250,000 cigarette Excise duty fraud trial in which the Defence successfully argued that the value of the Excise duty in this case had been overstated by an amount in excess of £100,000.

2015 R v R 

In the Prosecution of a client charged with knife point robbery, Adam successfully persuaded the Prosecution to accept a favourable basis of plea.

2015 Operation Heterodon 

Acting for the Defence in a £12m international money laundering case. The Defendant received a suspended sentence order.

2015 Coroners’ Inquest 

Represented an Interested Person in a Death In Custody Inquest.

2014 R v W 

Defending in a £160,000 fraud against the NHS.

2014 Operation Borrow

Acting as Junior Advocate in this complex multi-million-pound reverse transaction fraud.

2013 Operation Bizarre

Adam acted as junior advocate for the Defence in a case of extensive cannabis supply concerning the movement and distribution of 15 tonnes of cannabis (with a street value in excess of £60m) between the Northeast and Manchester.

2013 Operation Chamonix

Represented a Defendant in this large-scale drugs and money laundering matter.

2012 Armed Robbery

Acting as the Crown Court Advocate for a client convicted of attempting to rob a bookmaker by threatening to shoot the staff. Following extensive mitigation, the client received a suspended sentence.

2011 Football Banning Order – Operation Podium

This operation was a specialist investigation by the Metropolitan Police into ticket touting. Following a technical legal argument, the Court refused the Prosecution’s application for a 3-year banning order