Operation Venetic: Encrochat encryted phone prosecutions

July 17, 2020

Imran Shafi from Exchange Chambers has been instructed on a private basis by Middleweekes Solicitors, Manchester to represent their client in Operation Embossed. This is a serious multi-kilo class A drugs conspiracy prosecution arising from the wider Operation Venetic.

Operation Embossed has been designated as the lead case in the current and topical ‘encrochat’ prosecutions. A preparatory hearing, expected to take one week, has been listed in November in order to litigate the admissibility of the ‘encrochat’ evidence. It is likely that the matter will thereafter reach the Court of Appeal. The result of these hearings will have the profound and possibly determinative consequences for the other linked prosecutions.

Mr. Shafi is being led in this case by Adrian Waterman Q.C. of Matrix Chambers.