Nick Johnson QC and Charlotte Rimmer secure murder convictions for revenge attack on University Graduate

December 22, 2020

Defendants Aidan Matthews and Joseph Stott were convicted of murder on 18th December, following a 12-day trial which concluded last week, in which Exchange Chambers’ Nick Johnson QC and Charlotte Rimmer were instructed for the Crown.

On 4 June 2020, 23 year old university graduate David Allan was on his way home from the local shops on Moorcroft Road, Northern Moor, Manchester, when he was targeted by Aidan Matthews and a group who had congregated in the street. Matthews and David Allan were seen exchanging blows, before Aidan Matthews chased him with a weapon and then drove away in his van to recruit his co-accused. David Allan continued to walk home. One witness said that David Allan looked ’terrified’ during the confrontation and just wanted to get home.

Minutes later, Matthews returned in his van with his good friend Joseph Stott. The pair pursued David Allan down Wythenshawe Road and carried out a serious and sustained attack in broad daylight by the roadside.  Matthews used a metal weapon such as a heavy torch or metal bar whilst Stott was seen kicking at the victim at the same time whilst he lay motionless on the floor. One of the blows to his head caused it to twist so violently that it ruptured an artery at the base of his skull. David Allan never recovered from the beating and tragically died in hospital the next day.

After a trial taking place amid Covid-restrictions and delays, the jury unanimously found both defendants guilty of murder. Matthews received a minimum term of 18 years, whilst Stott will serve a minimum of 16 years.

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