Louis Browne KC and Chris Allen secure £3.875 million settlement

May 1, 2024

Louis Browne KC and Chris Allen from Exchange Chambers have secured £3.875 million on a lump sum basis for a 30-year old (who was aged 24 at the time of accident) who was involved in a serious RTA which resulted in severe and life changing injuries.

The Claimant sustained a spleen injury, a pancreas injury, perforation of the small and large bowel, liver contusions, a left haemothorax, multiple rib fractures, an unstable L1 fracture as well as other spinal fractures. She was left doubly incontinent and unable to work or care for her young family. The Claimant’s symptoms were complex and there was a significant degree of disagreement between the Claimant’s own medical experts about the cause of the ongoing symptoms although the general consensus was there was a serious organic injury with a significant component of functional neurological disorder.

Following a successful JSM in April settlement was agreed in the sum of £3.875 million which ensured the Claimant had sufficient provision to meet all of her future needs including a provision for future loss of earnings, care and accommodation.

Chris Allen said: “This was a complex and challenging case which required a great deal of care and attention in marshalling the expert evidence. There were no fewer than 13 eminent experts instructed by the Claimant and the process ensuring each expert had reviewed and considered the opinions of each of the other experts required meticulous attention. However it is hugely satisfying to have been involved in the case from an early stage and to have been part of the team which has negotiated a settlement that ensures all of the Claimant’s future needs are provided for.”

Louis Browne KC and Chris Allen were instructed by Malcolm Horner from McHale & Co Solicitors.