Lisa Linklater K.C. Successful for Minority Shareholders in Three Unfair Prejudice Petitions under s994 Companies Act 2006

February 20, 2023

Lisa Linklater K.C. of Exchange Chambers has been successful during the last month in three different unfair prejudice petitions under s994 Companies Act 2006 for minority shareholders, securing purchases of her clients’ shares in privately owned companies.  Each case has involved expert share valuation evidence and legal proceedings in the Business and Property Courts of the High Court of Justice in Manchester.  The companies in which Lisa’s clients held shares are in a variety of sectors: hospitality, manufacturing and property development.

In each case, Lisa was instructed for at least two years from pre-action through to settlement, drafting proceedings, giving strategic advice throughout and advocating both in court and at mediation.  Two of the petitions settled at mediation, shortly before trials listed in the Business and Property Courts of the High Court of Justice that were listed early in 2023.  One of the petitions settled through other alternative dispute resolution, following a key contested application in the High Court, heard by HHJ Pearce, Judge in charge of the Circuit Commercial Court in Manchester, sitting as a Judge of the High Court, in which Lisa was successful.

Feedback from clients as to Lisa’s legal services and the excellent teamwork with her instructing solicitors, Myerson Solicitors LLP, has been positive.

Mrs C stated:

Lisa Linklater KC was incredible during all meetings and teams calls. Her vast amount of knowledge and confidence in the strength of our case was very reassuring. Her ability to retain again all of the tiny details of the case remembering dates, values and small details was outstanding. During the mediation day Lisa totally took the respondents to task. Her opening speech showed that she knew the case in depth and she knew exactly how to deliver her points firmly and in a strong and confident manner. She reassured us to hold our nerve so if the mediation wasn’t successful that we would have high merit in court.

Lisa was worth every single penny. She absolutely commanded the mediation and her confidence and knowledge were second to none.

Lisa, Adam & Robert bounced off each other and worked very well together. Such a great team that we felt very confident with them all the way along the process.

Mr B stated:

Lisa provided a great service and her insight into the case was very helpful. Her communication was always prompt.

Lisa was instructed throughout by Myerson Solicitors LLP in each of these cases. More detail about the cases is on Myerson Solicitors LLP’s website here.