Imran Shafi KC secures suspended sentence for client in fraud case

April 10, 2024

Imran Shafi KC was privately instructed to represent an accountant who pleaded guilty to mortgage fraud. The prosecution put the value of the fraud at just over £2 million and suggested it fell into the relevant sentencing guidelines resulting in a starting point of 7 years immediate custody. Mr Shafi KC, in written and oral submissions, convinced the Judge that the approach of the prosecution was misconceived and the correct starting point was one of 18 months immediate custody. The Judge agreed, and taking into account the mitigation, he imposed a suspended sentence.

Imran Shafi KC is widely regarded as one of the leading criminal barristers on circuit, if not nationwide. He is instructed in the most serious criminal matters and has appeared in numerous groundbreaking cases. He is renowned for his track record of having cases discontinued, dismissed and successfully applying to exclude evidence.

His instructions are increasingly private, however he does still accept instructions in serious publicly-funded work.