Imran Shafi makes successful submission of no case to answer in Immigration facilitation case

December 13, 2017

Imran Shafi’s client (AK) was indicted with three others in immigration facilitation case.

The four defendants were alleged to have variously controlled or worked at a private college which the prosecution alleged was a hotbed of cheating and fraud. It was suggested that bogus qualifications were deployed by non-EU students in order to obtain visas to stay and study in the UK.

Following four weeks of prosecution evidence HHJ Goddard QC agreed with the defence submissions that there was insufficient evidence for the matter to be determined by a Jury. The prosecution are now seeking to appeal this terminating ruling.

Imran Shafi was instructed by Imran Khan of Solomons Solicitors. Imran is a criminal defence specialist who is instructed in the most serious criminal matters. He is frequently retained to defend serious drugs conspiracies, murder, gang violence and large scale immigration facilitation cases.