Ian Whitehurst to address Dalhousie and Cranfield Universities

January 28, 2022

Ian Whitehurst from Exchange Chambers will deliver lectures to UK and North American Universities next week.

On Monday, Ian will be delivering a seminar on international criminal law at Dalhousie University, a public research university in Nova Scotia, Canada.

This will be followed on Tuesday by a lecture to students at Cranfield University on cyber-crime.

In recent months, Ian has been appointed to a number of new academic roles, reflecting his expertise in financial and cyber-crime.

Ian has been appointed as a guest lecturer at Northumbria University in financial crime and a guest lecturer at Nottingham University in cyber-crime.

Ian has also been invited to deliver a guest lecture at Galway University in relation to the use of technology in the criminal trial process and how to challenge forensic computer evidence focusing upon the prosecutions arising from the Post Office litigation.   This follows on from a previous series of guest lectures at Galway, Ulster Universities & University College, Dublin on cyber related crime issues.

The appointments complement Ian’s existing role as an associate lecturer at Liverpool John Moores University.

Ian remains in full-time practice at Exchange Chambers alongside his academic assignments.