Exchange Chambers recognised for “outstanding work to improve wellbeing”

May 19, 2023

Exchange Chambers has been recognised for its “outstanding work to improve wellbeing” with a Certificate of Recognition from the Bar Council.

The award of Exchange’s Certificate of Recognition coincides with Mental Health Awareness Week 2023, focusing on anxiety.

Under the guidance of its Wellbeing Committee, Exchange has introduced a range of initiatives, including a Chambers-wide survey to gain an insight into wellbeing and mental health priorities.  Wellbeing is also at the forefront of practice reviews, departmental meetings and social events while mentors are available for everyone within Exchange.

“We are proud to receive this recognition for our wellbeing initiatives,” said Jonathan I’Anson, Chief Executive at Exchange Chambers.

“As a Chambers, we are completely committed to ensuring the psychological wellbeing of our barristers and employees. Indeed, it is at the core of our values and everything we do.  We are proactively endeavouring to create a culture that fosters psychological safety at work, in which we encourage barristers and employees to speak up and ask for help and support.”

Sam Mercer, Head of Equality at the Bar Council, said: “We are delighted to award the new Wellbeing Certificates in recognition for outstanding work to improve wellbeing at the Bar. The certificates are valid for three years and we are still encouraging other organisations to apply. It is great to see so many organisations are willing to put in so much effort to support barristers and staff.”