Exchange Chambers member appointed to expert advisory group in prestigious European project

February 23, 2015

Lisa Linklater of Exchange Chambers’ commercial department has been appointed as a member of the prestigious expert advisory group on a project on Security Rights & the European Insolvency Regulation.

The expert advisory group includes legal experts from London, Spain, Poland, Germany, the Netherlands and France.  The project is a partnership between the University of Leeds and other leading universities in Italy, Germany, Spain and Hungary.

Lisa said:

“This is a great opportunity to work with leading lawyers and academics from Leeds, London and wider Europe.  Cross-jurisdiction and choice of law issues are coming up more and more in my practice – both in commercial chancery and insolvency.  I am delighted to be involved in this eminent and practically important project.”

Professor McCormack welcomed Lisa Linklater as a member of the Expert Advisory Group.

He said: “Her great practical experience in credit, insolvency and related fields will add a very valuable dimension to the project and directly contribute to the reports that will ultimately be made to the European Commission.”

The project will critically analyse and evaluate provisions in the European Insolvency Regulation governing security rights and transactional avoidance.  The provisions involve choice of law issues in European Union Member State insolvencies.  For instance, practical issues arise where there is security over property in a different Member State from that in which insolvency proceedings are opened.  Another example that raises practical issues is transaction avoidance litigation involving a defendant in a different Member State from that where insolvency proceedings have been opened.   The project will submit a report to the European Commission.

The provisions involved have not been addressed in the draft text recently approved by the justice ministers of the Member States, recasting the EC Regulation on Insolvency Proceedings.

More information about the project is available at