Exchange Chambers continues community engagement programme with Dominica Association partnership

October 28, 2022

Exchange Chambers has continued its community engagement programme by supporting The Dominica Association of Bradford’s Black History Month celebrations. The Dominica Association was set up in 1979 after Hurricane David in Dominica.

A few Dominicans living in Bradford got together to raise money towards relief. They continued to do so for several months and as the word spread, many more Dominicans got on board to assist.

The Association continues to develop and provide cultural, social and educational facilities for Dominicans and the wider community.

The Dominica Association has run a series of events during Black History Month, with Exchange Chambers partnering with the Association to deliver its World Creole Day programme on 28 October 2022.

Said Jacqueline Deans, barrister at Exchange Chambers:

“I am delighted that we at Exchange Chambers are committed to supporting our local communities and causes. The Dominican Association is an organisation that I hold very close to my heart as I have first-hand knowledge of how it has developed into a multifunctional community hub and how it extends a warm welcome to members of the local community who utilise its wide range of services.”