Dr Kevin Naylor secures £1.96 million settlement for 64-year-old claimant

February 1, 2024

Dr Kevin Naylor from Exchange Chambers has secured a settlement of £1.96 million for a 64-year-old Claimant.

The claim concerned treatment received by the Claimant at the time of her attendance at the Emergency Department of the Defendant’s hospital when a diagnosis was mistakenly made of “neck muscle spasm”. In fact, this was a classic subarachnoid haemorrhage and the prelude to a massive bleed which occurred 4 days later causing brain injury. She was then admitted to hospital where she suffered further devastating injury, as a result of the incompetence of the ITU staff. The Claimant suffered a caecal volvulus which was not diagnosed despite progressive abdominal distension and no bowel movements over 7 days. She required a hemicolectomy, ileostomy and mucus fistula requiring 2 temporary stomas.

The claim settled at a JSM and the settlement has recently been approved by the High Court.