Doctor’s Fitness To Practice (FTP) impaired by adverse health not misconduct

December 9, 2014

Jason MacAdam, instructed by Marie Dancer of Richard Nelson Solicitors LLP, both representing this doctor for the first time, have secured a finding from a GMC FTP panel that a doctor’s fitness to practice medicine is impaired by reason of adverse health rather than his continued misconduct.

The doctor, who first came before a GMC FTP panel in 2007 and over the course of the last 3 days underwent a FTP and his 7th review hearing was extremely pleased that his health difficulties were acknowledged.

The panel rejected the GMC’s submission that the doctor’s fitness to practice medicine was impaired by reason of misconduct and found impairment by reason of health.

Jason MacAdam has been a practising barrister for over 25 years. He has gained invaluable advocacy experience in cases of the utmost severity and complexity.