David Went acts in CAT legal action against Apple and Amazon

July 26, 2023

David Went from Exchange Chambers, instructed by Hausfeld, is part of the counsel team bringing legal action in the CAT on behalf of Professor Christine Riefa, who proposes to act on behalf of millions of UK consumers.

It is alleged that Apple and Amazon struck a secret deal in 2018 that saw Amazon restrict the number of independent merchants who could sell Apple Beats-branded products on the Amazon Marketplace and in return receive preferential wholesale prices on those products for Amazon’s own retail business. This conduct eliminated almost all independent merchants who offered discounts on Apple and Beats products from the Amazon Marketplace. As a result, there was a significant reduction in the number and value of discounts available on these products and UK consumers were forced to pay higher prices. The claim seeks redress of at least £500 million for those UK consumers who bought Apple and Beats products since October 2018.