David Toal Successful in GMC Proceedings Against Doctor

December 21, 2015

David Toal from Exchange Chambers has acted for the General Medical Counsel (GMC) in a Fitness to Practise Panel Hearing against Doctor Arpad Adorjan.

The Doctor faced a large number of allegations relating to his care of a Patient whilst he was working as Resident Medical Officer on a Psychiatric Ward in a private hospital. The Patient had been admitted with anorexia and suicidal ideations and Dr Adorjan was her ward doctor. During the Patient’s stay in hospital, Dr Adorjan would spend increasing amounts of time with her discussing her private diary and engaging in inappropriate conversations with her. When the Patient was discharged, he gave her his private contact details and they remained in communication and began meeting up socially. He suggested to her that he would leave his partner and they could set up home together. These meetings culminated in an occasion when Dr Adorjan stayed overnight at the Patient’s home and had sexual intercourse with her. Following this sexual encounter, Dr Adorjan went on holiday with his partner and child during which time he made little contact with the Patient and upon his return it was clear to her that his feelings had cooled. This caused a significant negative effect on the Patient’s mental health and she became even more vulnerable and a suicide risk. She disclosed the relationship to her Consultant Psychiatrist who reported the Doctor to the GMC and an investigation began. Initially, the Patient and Doctor remained in contact with each other and messages exchanged between them (later recovered) showed that he was encouraging her to mislead the authorities. Eventually, she ceased contact with him and agreed to assist in the investigation.

After a 6 day hearing, the Panel found that Dr Adorjan had engaged in an inappropriate and sexually motivated relationship whilst the Patient was under his care in hospital and that this relationship continued following her discharge and ultimately led to the sexual activity at her home.

The Panel decided that his behaviour was wholly incompatible with his professional responsibilities as a Doctor and with Good Medical Practice and erased his name from the medical register with immediate effect.