Look beyond London for commercial pupillages says Northern Powerhouse Exchange Chambers

January 8, 2018

‘Northern Powerhouse’ Exchange Chambers has released a short film discussing the advantages of pupillages at a large regional Set rather than in London.

The video, which has been launched to coincide with the start of Exchange Chambers’ 2019 pupillage application process, includes brief interviews with Head of Chambers, Bill Braithwaite QC and Director of Chambers, Tom Handley.  It also features commentary from barristers Alex Williams and David Williams who successfully completed pupillage at Exchange Chambers and are now full members.

Commenting on the video, Bill Braithwaite QC, Head of Exchange Chambers said:

“We wanted to do something a little different to launch our pupillage process this year.

“The reality of life at Exchange Chambers, and the regional Bar, is best experienced through the eyes of the barristers who practise here. Our video provides potential pupils with a flavour of how their careers can progress at a full-service Set with geographical coverage across the Northern and North-Eastern circuits.”

Said Director of Chambers, Tom Handley:

“Our video provides a glimpse into the strengths of the regional Bar as well as our own approach to pupillage. For commercial pupillages there is still a perception that London is the only place to be. We strongly disagree. One of the biggest advantages the regional bar has over London is that pupils and junior practitioners are in court virtually every day. They can build their own practice and develop their advocacy skills from an early stage, which isn’t necessarily the case in London. The interviews with Alex and David also explore a range of other issues.”

Three pupillages are available at Exchange Chambers in this year’s round of applications – all of which are offered with a view to a tenancy.

View the Exchange Chambers pupillage video on our pupillage page here.