Anna Bond secures acquittal in multi-handed s.18 GBH trial

November 4, 2021

Anna Bond from Exchange Chambers has secured an acquittal for her client in a multi-handed s.18 GBH trial.

The Crown prosecuted 3 defendants for s.18 GBH at a retrial in October following a hung jury at the first trial.

The defendants were accused of being part of a gang who spontaneously attacked the complainant whilst armed with weapons including a machete, knuckle duster and cosh.

The Crown produced CCTV evidence and the complainant picked out the defendants in an ID parade. The issue in the case was identification.   Following a successful half time submission of no case to answer by Anna Bond, her client was acquitted when the case was withdrawn from the jury.

Anna Bond was instructed by Tahir Mahmood of Abrahams Solicitors.