Tom Farr’s experience of Exchange Chambers’ pupillage application process

December 1, 2022

By Tom Farr

The pupillage application process is undoubtedly a stressful time for students as they seek to navigate the myriad application forms, competency questions, and Chambers websites, all whilst balancing a heavy Bar School workload, and sometimes, employment as well. With this in mind, it was as refreshing as it was motivating to work through the various stages of the Exchange Chambers application process.

Exchange prides itself on being a forward-thinking, modern set, that attracts the best and brightest applicants from all manner of social backgrounds, and this careful consideration of how to be maintain and develop its stellar reputation certainly filters down into the application process. My experience of Exchange was one where each member, as well as the set as a whole, encourages you to put your best foot forward.

The questions on the application form are formulated in a way to allow you to demonstrate – with careful drafting and thought on the applicant’s part of course – exactly what Chambers is looking for; the interview process, whilst challenging, never verges on being stressful or intense just for the sake of “testing” candidates; and I found that every individual with whom I spoke to, within or outside of the interview setting, was warm, friendly, and welcoming.

I believe that this modern approach to recruitment undoubtedly attracts the best candidates, and creates an environment where applicants, with the proper preparation, can truly shine and demonstrate their abilities as potential barristers.

Tom is due to commence his pupillage at Exchange Chambers in March 2023.