Success in clinical negligence claim for Dr. Kevin Naylor and Chris Richards

December 21, 2020

Dr. Kevin Naylor and Chris Richards from Exchange Chambers have successfully recovered £95,000 for a Claimant who suffered serious injuries as a result of the negligence of his General Practitioners.

The Claimant was a young man who developed swelling in his legs. The Claimant sought advice from two General Practitioners at his local surgery. The two doctors should have recognised that his kidneys were failing. The two doctors failed to realise this. It took several years before the kidney failure was properly diagnosed and the Claimant was referred for treatment. The delay in the referral resulted in the Claimant needing a kidney transplant much sooner than would otherwise have been the case. The delay in the referral also resulted in the Claimant needing years of additional dialysis treatment.

With the help of his solicitors and counsel, the Claimant brought a claim against the two doctors. The claim involved difficult issues of breach of duty and causation and required very careful consideration. The claim was successfully settled and those representing the doctors agreed to pay the Claimant compensation in the sum of £95,000. The settlement was approved by a District Judge in Grimsby County Court who agreed that the settlement was appropriate. The District Judge also allowed a significant portion of the settlement to be immediately drawn down and spent on the Claimant.

The settlement will allow the Claimant to significantly improve his quality of life over the next few years. The Claimant has finally been able to afford to refurbish his bathroom, purchase a new powered wheelchair, and improve his games room.

Dr. Kevin Naylor, a former GP, and Chris Richards are members of the personal injury department at Exchange Chambers, and were instructed by Matthew Gascoyne of Atherton Godfrey Solicitors.