Steven Crossley and David Toal successfully represent police officers at Misconduct Hearing

February 4, 2016

Steven Crossley and David Toal from Exchange Chambers have successfully represented two South Yorkshire Police Officers at a Police Misconduct Hearing in Sheffield.

The Officers faced serious allegations that they had deliberately misled a victim of domestic violence into signing a pocket notebook entry which stated that she did not want to give a statement against her attacker and then later submitted a false entry onto the Police computer records about their dealings with the victim. After hearing evidence for 2 days, the Panel dismissed the most serious allegations. Both Officers had made admissions about deficiencies in their dealings with the incident which the Panel found amounted to Gross Misconduct but decided not to dismiss them and issued Final Written Warnings.

Steven and David were instructed by Tom Nutter/Darren Cook of Slater and Gordon Solicitors.

Steven and David are both members of Exchange Chambers’ police law and disciplinary team.