Statement following the CBA ballot

June 14, 2018

The Criminal Bar has narrowly voted to accept the Government’s proposals on the Advocates Graduated Fee Scheme (AGFS) by a margin of 51.55% to 48.45%.  There was a very high turnout.

Whilst the majority wish to accept the proposals, it cannot be said that the anger and disillusionment has gone away.

As a result of the CBA vote and having liaised closely with our criminal team, Exchange Chambers is now accepting instructions in all cases (including those post 1 April 2018).

To clarify, the proposed ‘no returns’ has also been abandoned so it is very much back to business as usual.

Exchange Chambers’ criminal team has been proud to support the CBA in the action, not only in the interests of the future of the Criminal Bar, but in the criminal justice system as a whole.

We would particularly like to thank our instructing solicitors for their support and patience during our action.

If you have any queries, then please do not hesitate to contact Tom Handley or Nick Buckley.