Six new pupils for Exchange Chambers’ Pupillage Academy

May 19, 2021

Exchange Chambers’ Pupillage Academy has announced its latest intake of six pupils.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Exchange last year confirmed its commitment to provide six pupillages every year covering crime, commercial and common law – one of the largest annual intakes of pupils by a barristers’ Chambers.

Following the completion of its annual application process, Exchange’s new pupils are:


Hateema Zia – Leeds – starting September 2022.

Scott Cowley – Manchester – starting March 2023.


Eve Salter – Liverpool – starting September 2022.

Tom Farr – Manchester – starting March 2023.

Common Law

Sonia Masaun – Liverpool – starting September 2022.

Imogen Nichol – Manchester – starting March 2023.

Exchange’s new pupils took part in a congratulatory Zoom discussion with Bill Braithwaite QC (Head of Chambers), Stephen Connolly (Head of Chambers’ Pupillage Committee), Jonathan I’Anson (Chief Executive of Chambers) and Chantal Core (Recruitment and Pupillage Manager) on Monday.

They will now be assigned with a mentor and kept up to date with developments at Exchange in advance of their start date.

Head of Chambers’ Pupillage Committee, Stephen Connolly, said:

“I am really pleased to be able to welcome our latest six recruits to pupillage.  Each one has been on a long and taxing journey to get to this point and each one truly excelled during what was an extremely competitive recruitment process.

We have recruited six top quality individuals and I look forward to each one of them joining Exchange Chambers and to seeing them each fulfil their potential in pupillage and beyond.”

Exchange Chamber launched its Pupillage Academy in 2018, when the Set doubled the number of pupils it recruits annually from 3 to 6.