Loan Charge Review Webinar









09:30 – 11:00

We are delighted to invite you to our rearranged webinar on Loan Charge Review, chaired by Louis Browne QC

George Rowell (Exchange Chambers) will outline the legal issues facing clients who invested in employment-related loan schemes. He will cover:

  • Who does, and does not, benefit from the amendments to the Loan Charge legislation made following the Loan Charge Review.
  • Personal liability of directors / employees.
  • Disputing the underlying tax liability: attempts to escape the effect of the Supreme Court’s decision in Glasgow Rangers.
  • Professional negligence claims in the light of the Loan Charge Review.
  • Claims arising from payment of secret commissions.

Sarah Stenton and Lisa Vanderheide (Stewarts) will give an update on HMRC’s current activities in clamping down on tax avoidance and the potential options available to investors in tax avoidance arrangements.  They will cover:

  • Tax avoidance “hot topics” including updates on HMRC’s activities in relation to various high-profile schemes.
  • Dealing with HMRC’s Counter Avoidance Directorate.
  • Options for investors in tax avoidance arrangements including potential settlement opportunities.
  • Compliance issues to be aware of in relation to the Loan Charge including advice on making disclosures of errors to HMRC.
  • “What next” for HMRC and tax avoidance.

To reserve your place, please email Jo Stapley.

We look forward to seeing you virtually.