Sarah Johnston secures convictions in sexual offence trials

June 25, 2021

Sarah Johnston from Exchange Chambers has prosecuted two cases in which the defendants have been found guilty of serious sexual offences.

In R v Gary Healey, there were two complainants and the defendant was charged with rape, sexual assault and sexual activity in the presence of children from 2014 – 2017. At the conclusion of the case, Sarah was complemented by the Judge for the way in which she presented and conducted the trial.

In R v Tomlinson the defendant was convicted of historic rape/indecency and sentenced to over ten years’ imprisonment.

Both trials took place at the new “Nightingale Court” which has been set up at the Hilton Hotel in Manchester to tackle a backlog in court cases caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Sarah is a Grade 4 Prosecutor and a member of the CPS Rape Panel. She has become specialist in cases involving the most serious sexual allegations and is increasingly instructed in high profile and sensitive cases for both the Prosecution and Defence, involving the most vulnerable complainants and defendants.