Robert Golinski successfully prosecutes “sadistic” head teacher

October 17, 2018

Robert Golinski from Exchange Chambers has successfully prosecuted a “sadistic” deputy head teacher who abused girls and boys.

Grahame Brennand, 71, committed the offences while at St John’s Primary School in Baxenden, Lancashire.

The paedophile was convicted of 43 counts of indecent assault at Preston Crown Court relating to 22 girls aged seven to 11 from 1973 to 1989.  He was also convicted of three counts of child cruelty relating to two boys.  He was jailed for 19 years.

Lancashire Police said the actual number of offences committed by Brennand was close to 200, as many of the counts included multiple assaults on the girls.

The court heard he hung one boy on a coat hook and rubbed his nose in dog excrement.

Brennand also beat the other boy and repeatedly shut him in a cupboard.

The court heard that “disciplinarian” Brennand molested girls at their desks and made them sit on his knee so he could abuse them at the school near Accrington.

He also set up a ‘First Aid Club’ so he could touch the girls’ inner thighs as he taught them how to make a splint for a broken leg, the jury was told.  Other offences took place during swimming lessons, in his car and on a canal boat.

Judge Philip Parry told him: “You made a career of being perverted and sadistic, almost in equal measure.”

The judge said he had “systematically and brazenly” indecently assaulted young girls, and “beat, humiliated and demeaned” young boys.

Robert is a member of the criminal team at Exchange Chambers.