Prosecution drop murder charge in case defended by Imran Shafi KC 

June 10, 2022

Imran Shafi KC from Exchange Chambers, leading Marie De Redman, persuaded the prosecution to drop a Murder charge to Manslaughter. Having done so they secured a sentence of nine years for their client, SH.

SH, was dealing drugs in the deceased’s ’turf’ of Erdington in Birmingham. The deceased was closely aligned with the notorious drill gang ’23 Drillaz’. The deceased confronted SH who pulled out a knife and stabbed him to the heart.

Imran Shafi KC was instructed by Khurrum Rashid of Knightswood Solicitors, Birmingham. Mr Rashid worked incredibly hard in preparing the case, securing expert reports from a Psychiatrist and Psychologist together with reports from Urban Gang, Drill music and social media experts. Together with Ms. Redman this was very much a team effort.

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