Personal Injury solicitors praise case managers for their response to Covid-19 pandemic

May 27, 2021

Case managers have won praise for the way in which they have responded to the Covid-19 pandemic.

New research by Exchange Chambers and neurorehabilitation centre, Calvert Reconnections, found that 81% of claimant personal injury solicitors believe case managers have risen to the challenges presented by the pandemic.

Solicitors credited case managers for “adapting to an unprecedented situation”, “transitioning to remote working”, “developing bespoke solutions”, “ensuring rehabilitation continued seamlessly” and “facilitating remote rehabilitation”.

Commenting on the research, Bill Braithwaite QC, Head of Exchange Chambers and a Trustee at the Lake District Calvert Trust said:

“This research is well-deserved recognition for the vital role case managers have played during the Covid-19 pandemic.  They’ve worked proactively and innovatively to ensure the most effective outcome for their clients.”

Calling for ever closer working relationships between lawyers and case managers, Bill added:

“I’ve always thought that a good case manager was the key to a successful outcome for the injured person, the family, and the compensation claim.

“If you appoint a good case manager early, and that person has the ability to get to know the family, gain their trust and confidence, and help to manage the stormy voyage through recovery and rehabilitation, that person will be an invaluable contact point for the solicitor, frequently helping him or her to avoid disturbing and distressing the family.

“So much of the litigation is bound up with the injured person and the family, and the plan for life.

“Further developing the relationship between the two professions would inevitably improve standards all round.”