Susanna Kitzing

Call 2005

Photo of Susanna Kitzing


Susanna has experience representing interested parties at inquests and is well-versed in conducting arguments relating to the scope and nature of the inquiry to be held.

Her previous experience includes representing:

  • Her Majesty’s Prison Service in cases concerning deaths in custody;
  • Road traffic insurers;
  • The family of the deceased;
  • Commercial entities at inquests concerning deaths in the workplace.

She works hard for her clients who value her sensitivity to their issues and her patience in equal measure.

Inquests Cases

Inquest into the death of Shaun Sykes – inquest following the death of a motorcyclist in a road traffic accident;

Inquest into the death of Ronnie Pollard – instructed on behalf of the prison service to represent them at Article 2 inquest into death of a prisoner;

Inquest into the death of Earnest Haynes-Wass – Article 2 inquest into the death of a prisoner;

Inquest into the death of Brian Tomkinson – prison death inquest before a jury.