Susanna Kitzing

Call 2005

Photo of Susanna Kitzing

Healthcare (Presenting for the General Medical Council)

In 2013, Susanna was added to the list of practitioners approved by the General Medical Council to present cases before Interim Orders Panels.  Since then she has gained experience of advising and representing the GMC at hearings before Fitness to Practise panels including review hearings, fitness to practise hearings, and hearings regarding a doctor’s application for restoration to the register.

Healthcare Cases

GMC v Dr A – Fitness to Practise review where charges were based upon Doctor’s misconduct; procedural issues occurred where multiple fitness to practise proceedings were necessary.

GMC v Dr L – Fitness to Practise review resulting in the Doctor’s erasure from the register.

GMC v Dr R – Fitness to Practise proceedings relating to Doctor’s inappropriate relationship with vulnerable patient.

GMC v Dr I – Fitness to Practise proceedings regarding probity concerns surrounding Doctor’s conduct.