Police Law

Jason is a highly experienced criminal barrister whose practise quickly developed to representing those facing complicated paper heavy allegations of the utmost severity. His vast experience of such work often as leading counsel naturally lends itself to representing professional people whose livelihood is threatened due to allegations of professional misconduct.

Jason’s practise started to develop in this way over 20 years ago and he has represented police officers on many occasions before various tribunals and courts including disciplinary tribunals, the Coroner’s Court, the Magistrates Court, the Crown Court and the High Court.

Jason’s experience in this field extends to several long death in custody inquests, Misfeasance in a public office allegations which lead to a 11 week trial before our client was acquitted at the half way stage. Countless disciplinary hearings; Jason’s latest case was successfully stopped prior to the hearing starting, an abuse of process submission being argued.

By being instructed at the earliest possible stage, he is able to see the officer and assist where appropriate and necessary with the Regulation 22 response.

Police Law Cases

R v Blakey – Police officer charged with misconduct in a public office, gross negligence manslaughter.

Inquest into the death in custody of Christopher Alder. Complex causation issues.

Inquest into the death of Mark Camm. 6 week case. Death in custody case, neglect.

Inquest into the death in custody of Martin Middleton. Coroner accepted submissions that IPPC investigation had proceeded upon flawed statutory interpretation.

Inquest into the death in custody of Tahir Mehmood.