Philip Tully

Call 2000

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Philip has 21 years’ experience dealing with the most serious and complex of cases in the areas of criminal and regulatory law. He is someone who appears on a regular basis in the highest Courts in the country and has the ability to quickly absorb and analyse information/evidence and formulate/present (either orally or in written form) complex and detailed presentations/arguments.

Philip has vast experience in dealing with a very large amount of disclosure in both complex criminal and regulatory cases. He has also previously been instructed as disclosure counsel in a multi-handed criminal case, involving the prosecution of members of a firm of Solicitors. That case involved the consideration of over 100,000 pages of unused material.

He is someone with a heavy workload, which requires sound judgement, decisiveness and an ability to work under pressure. He has experience in leading other barristers when conducting cases has a commitment to Justice, independence and fair treatment.

Philip is a qualified Pupil Master, involved in the training of new Barristers. He has the ability to explain things clearly and succinctly, work constructively with others and inspire respect and confidence from people.

Criminal Cases

R v Zain – Ul – Abidin: Defending in the first prosecution under the Terrorism Act 2000.

R v Coutanche: Defending a rape allegation made against a member of the Fathers for Justice.

R v Noy: Defending an Actor charged with offences of Public order and assault.

R v Spellacy: Defending a serving police officer charged with a 1.4 million pound fraud and firearms offences.

R v Stedham: Defending in a complex 6 million pound computer related fraud and money laundering case.

R v McCreesh: Defending in a 2.5 million pound benefit, proceeds of crime case, which was overturned on appeal to the Court of Appeal.

R v Heffey: Defending in a complex multi-handed murder case, which was known as ‘The Brookside murder case’.

R v Beddows: Defending a 95 year old man charged with the attempted murder of his 88 year old Wife.