Paul Taylor

Call 1985

"An expert in fraud cases."

Legal 500, 2017
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Fraud work comprises the majority of Paul’s practice and the bulk of the instructions come from prosecuting agencies. Confiscation proceedings are a fundamental part of the work that Paul undertakes. Paul’s experience demonstrates a number of cases in which confiscation has played an important role. Inevitably, confiscation proceedings have frequently been contested and it is in the nature of the work that the defendants to these proceedings are adept at hiding assets and are reluctant to do anything which will lead to hand over their proceeds of criminal conduct willingly.

Thorough preparation and experience are essential requirement to be effective in this environment. Paul prides himself on being able to provide both. Paul made the decision to focus his practice exclusively on fraud and animal cruelty, in which he has a particular niche.

He broadened his fraud practice to move into civil fraud by taking instructions from HMRC in Tax Tribunal cases. The instructions often relate to MTIC cases. The relevance of this further focusing of his practice is that he is no longer what may be termed a general practitioner – he does not accept instructions in offences of violence, sexual misconduct or general crime. The effect of that shift is that Paul can devote whatever time is needed to prepare cases thoroughly. That means preparing written submissions, cross-examination templates and other documents and visual presentations to secure the best outcomes for the cases in which Paul is involved. The strategy of becoming a specialist has proved successful which can be gleaned from the nature of the instructions that Paul receives, and the recognition he has received in publications such as The Legal 500.

Paul works in all parts of England and has bases in the North West and in London. He frequently undertakes lengthy cases in various locations.

Criminal Cases

2013 – present – Operation Enbourne – Land banking fraud – £27 million

2014 -2015 – BIS v R – Bankruptcy Offences – Tracing assets

2014 – Operation Affleck – Land banking fraud

2013-2014 – VAT Tribunal Belfast – MTIC traders in series of VAT reclaim appeals

2013 – Nugent – VAT MTIC Fraud

2012 – Excise Fraud – Multi-handed £20 million tobacco fraud with subsequent confiscation proceedings

2012 – Multi Handed VAT Fraud – MTIC – 22 handed VAT fraud with subsequent confiscation proceedings

2011 – Owen – £161 Million VAT Fraud

2011 – Soca – Class A Drugs Importation – Businessman and associates using private plane to smuggle cocaine – subsequent confiscation proceedings

2010 – Soca – Money laundering prominent politician – Contested confiscation proceedings

2010 – O’Connor – £5 Million Factoring Fraud (Defence)

2010 – Crammer – DTI Prosecution – bankrupt hiding assets – tracing assets to secure confiscation order

2009 – Sunday Asekomhe – American bank fraud (Defence)

2009 – Operation Osmium – Tamil Tigers – Terrorism

2008 – Operation Theseus – 7 July bombing conspiracy