Nicholas Walker

Call 1998

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Nicholas is briefed in serious and complex cases across the country. He is a confident and effective barrister who is particularly well regarded for his approachability, his handling of lay clients and his ability with a jury.

Most often instructed in heavyweight crime, he has defended in a number of high profile cases in recent years. He works extremely hard and likes to be involved in the early stages of a case to ensure the most effective presentation of the defence evidence.

  • White collar fraud and MTIC
  • Homicide
  • Serious sexual offences including historic abuse
  • People trafficking
  • Large scale drug conspiracies
  • Offences involving kidnap, blackmail and firearms
  • Defending professionals: police, dentists, teachers etc.
  • Proceeds of Crime
  • Motoring

Nicholas regularly appears in cases involving the pre-trial cross-examination of very young children. He is able to deal with such situations with tact and sensitivity and is accredited by the Inns of Court College of Advocacy as a Lead Facilitator for Vulnerable Witness Training. He is an advocacy trainer on the Northern Circuit.

Nicholas has a keen interest in bribery, corruption and money laundering and often lectures on the subject. He accepts instructions to advise generally on these matters whether or not prosecutions are contemplated.

Criminal Cases


Operation Galion: R v L

Defending in a multi-million pound publishing fraud (Liverpool)

Operation MFB:  R v M

Defending in £100m+ 6 month MTIC fraud ( Liverpool)

Operation Vaulter:  R v F

Defending in £20m MTIC fraud (Kingston)

R v Smith

Defending in £1m plus VAT fraud (Manchester)

R v Maylam

Defending an executive of Sainsbury’s supermarket involving £9m of corrupt payments (Croydon)


R v Hudson

Defending a dentist on a £400k fraud (Liverpool)

R v Atkinson

Alleging the dishonest claiming of UDAs (Leicester)


Operation Poppy: R v S (Liverpool)

Operation Walrus

Prosecution Junior in multi-million drug ring ( Manchester)

The Queen v Rogelio Curas Pastoriza

Importation of 30 kilos of cocaine (Falkland Islands)


R v Thomas

Multiple defendant shooting (Leeds)

R v Stubbs

Notorious and complicated murder by strangulation (Stafford)


R v Burke

Historic Rape which attracted significant media attention

R v D

Successful defence of historic familial allegations from over 40 years ago

R v H

Successful defence of a teenager charged with the violent rape of a young victim

R v B

Defending a member of what was described in the national press as “The most evil family ever” involving some of the most serious allegations of sexual abuse to come before the courts

R v G and P

Successful defence of the main defendant in an international sex-trafficking case

R v Alkadi

Defence of a female defendant in an alleged group attack


Operation Grimjack (Manchester)

Prosecutions involving allegations of multi-defendant people trafficking

R v Ryan (Birmingham)

Defending the principal defendant on Firearms and Kidnapping allegations stemming from a dispute between those involved in MTIC fraud.


Nicholas enjoys an excellent success rate in defending motoring cases in the Magistrate’s and Crown Courts. He also advises on evidence and tactics in criminal cases involving multi-million pound compensation claims.

Nicholas is a Category 4 Prosecutor