Michael Wood

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Mike is an experienced specialist commercial and construction lawyer practising in all forms of contract-related work generally. He has an outstanding academic track record (including a first in law awarded in an accelerated two academic year period rather than the usual three). He was first recommended by Chambers & Partners as one of the leading juniors practising in commercial law in the North West in the mid-1990s.

Mike specialises in the following areas of law:

• All forms of commercial law including general contract law, contract drafting, shipping law, carriage of goods by road sea and air, bailment, sale of goods, international trade and commercial arbitrations.  (His previous experience before being called to the Bar as an international management consultant acting on behalf of a range of international agencies including the World Bank (based in Washington DC) ITC UNCTAD GATT (United Nations based in Geneva) and the EC Commission (based in Brussels) has contributed substantially to his commercial law expertise.  Mike had experience of international arbitrations in the course of his consultancy career).

• Building and construction law covering all forms of claim addressed in the Technology and Construction Court Guide (paragraph 1.3.1).  This includes adjudication disputes and the enforcement of adjudicator decisions under the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act 1996.  He has extensive experience of the drafting of building/construction contracts.

• Professional negligence (in the context of building/construction professionals, solicitors, accountants/financial practitioners and insurance brokers)

• Insurance and re-insurance law

• Injunctions and Freezing Injunctions

Commercial Cases

Typical cases in which Mike has been involved successfully in the context of his specialist practice areas are these.


More than 300 cases (on behalf of both owners and carriers) involving issues relative to the (international) carriage of goods by road and sea.   These cases addressed a wide range of issues relating to the defective carriage of goods, damage to goods and claims/issues arising under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 and other sales-related statutes.

Successful £ multimillion claimant action in the Mercantile Court involving complex issues of contract, carriage of goods, bailment and conversion as well as substantial interlocutory injunction proceedings.


Mike has a wide range of successful experience in each of the areas of professional negligence in which he practises. Cases which are representative of his practice are these.


Successful prosecution on behalf of a local authority of a £ multi million professional negligence action against an architectural and civil engineering consultancy.   The action involved individual consideration of more than 150 building and construction projects which had been undertaken by the said consultancy on the Local Authority’s behalf.

Action against an Architect arising out of defective building design.


Typical cases cover:

failure to give correct advice

failure to conduct litigation with the necessary skill and care
failure to act promptly as required by the Limitation Act 1980.


A range of accountant negligence cases covering inter alia

defective advice as to the lawfulness of an off shore tax scheme

negligent advice as to the bona fides of an investment scheme

negligent advice as to investment potential.


More frequently arising cases are these:

Failure to effect insurance required by the Client
Failure to ensure disclosure of material facts
Failure to give required professional advice.


A successful £500,000+ claim maintained by an Insured against the Insurer in the context of the latter’s refusal to indemnify the Insured relative to his fire insurance claim.   The action was settled by the parties in the Claimant’s favour part way through the trial.
(Mike practises in insurance cases on behalf of both Insureds and Insurers.)


Entire re-drafting of the terms and conditions of trading on behalf of a large trading organisation based in the North West.

Drafting of all relevant terms and conditions relative to a new commercial venture launched by a Leeds-based firm of solicitors.


Instructions in more than fifty injunction and freezing injunction cases.   Mike has developed real expertise in the successful maintenance of freezing injunction proceedings in particular.

The above are no more than examples of the range of cases in which Mike has been involved in his 20+ years practising in commercial law generally.